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ORTHOVET – The original

More quality of life for animals - For over 15 years!

ORTHOVET – Orthomolecular nutritional supplements for horses, dogs, cats and for all livestock

“Effective veterinary medicine is very important to us. This is why we launched the ORTHOVET product line for veterinarians and their patients as a supplement to current therapies!”, says Nikolaus Ludwig, CEO of Nikolaus-Nature and N. Ludwig GmbH. For more than 15 years this Austrian company has been developing, producing and selling orthomolecular nutritional supplements for animals such as horses, dogs, cats, small rodents and livestock. These activities have resulted in a comprehensive range of top-quality orthomolecular preparations providing effective support in numerous indications. The preparations contain substances that are produced naturally in the body and can be used both in preventive and therapeutic interventions. “The very positive past experiences confirm our holistic approach and our philosophy of offering a reasonably-sized range of high-quality and affordable products.”, Nikolaus Ludwig is pleased to say. Ludwig, a dedicated father, dog owner and horse lover, has been deeply engaged in orthomolecular medicine for more than 27 years. At the beginning stood – and is still standing today – the overwhelming desire to contribute to the quality of life of our pets and to maintain their good health. This formed the basis of his intensive research activities, always keeping in mind the needs of animals as well as those of their owners.

Ludwig found committed and competent fellow enthusiasts in Professor Dr Juan and in the ORTHOVET team of expert vets. Together they explored and developed formulations for ORTHOVET preparations. The ORTHOVET team endorses and ensures continuous quality control, improvement and a moderate expansion of the product range. The ORTHOVET product line is characterised by its holistic approach and its closeness to nature, which is also reflected in the use of renewable raw materials.

From the very beginning in 2003, Ludwig GmbH has deliberately chosen to work with vets as its competent partners to provide expert advice on the use of ORTHOVET products all over Europe.

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ORTHOVET: What is orthomolecular medicine?
Orthomolecular medicine (derived from the Greek word “ortho” meaning “correct” or “straight” and the word “molecular” meaning “smallest particle”) is concerned with maintaining health and treating illness by changing the concentration of substances in the body which naturally occur in the body and are essential for its good health. Hence, orthomolecular medicine provides the scientific basis for the targeted use of micronutrients in the prevention of diet-related and chronic degenerative diseases in humans and animals. As a complementary medical field the orthomolecular therapy has been successfully and firmly rooted in many different areas for several decades (first mentioned in 1967). “ORTHOVET products are optimal combinations of micronutrients which can correct deficiencies in the body.” explains Professor Dr Heinz Juan an many Veterinary from the ORTHOVET development team. “On the whole we aim at combining traditional medicine and Western biomedicine as the interplay of both medical systems promises to provide good care for veterinary patients.” says the Competence Veterinary Team.

ORTHOVET: Statements
  • ORTHOVET preparations in premium quality are nutritional supplements containing natural ingredients.
  • ORTHOVET preparations are GMO-free!
  • These preparations can generally be added to any type of feed.
  • ORTHOVET does not add sugar or sugar substitute in artificial form to its preparations.
  • ORTHOVET preparations are free from synthetic colourants, fillers or preservatives and contain no synthetic attractants, flavour enhancers or pheromones.
  • ORTHOVET is particularly concerned with ensuring optimal resorption and bioavailability of its raw materials.
ORTHOVET offers much more:
  • Highest quality standards
  • ORTHOVET preparations are GMO-free!
  • Very good cost/performance ratio
  • Wide range of applications
  • Highly agonistic blends
  • Active supplementation of therapy
  • Innovative preparations for the future
  • Uniqueness
  • Very economical products
  • Various tub sizes
  • Very low daily costs for the animal owners
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