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  • Orthomolekulare

    mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen für Mensch und Tier!
  • Orthomolekulare

    mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen für Mensch und Tier!
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  • Orthomolekulare

    für Haus- und Nutztiere
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  • Orthomolekulare

    für Kinder & Erwachsene

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What we offer

GMO-free products
Adherence to the highest quality
Top quality
Wide range of applications
Highly agonistic blends
Active therapy support
Innovative future-oriented products
Excellent value for money
Products containing natural raw materials*
* as far as production techniques allow

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orthomolecular supplements

NIKOLAUS - NATURE specialises in premium-quality orthomolecular supplements for humans and animals.

“Ortho” is Greek and means “correct” or “straight”. “Molecules” – the term originates from Latin – are the smallest particles of compounds. NIKOLAUS - NATURE food products and supplements have proved very effective in achieving a targeted intake of micronutrients to prevent diet-related and chronic degenerative diseases in humans and animals. Our premium-quality products are used for prevention purposes and therapy-relevant indications.

Building on sound expertise and many years of experience, NIKOLAUS - NATURE offers a comprehensive range of products for humans in its Orthomedic programme, while the Orthovet line comprises products developed for animals.

Orthomolecular medicine is based on the use of naturally occurring and endogenous substances. In order to maintain and improve their health, humans and animals need a well-balanced supply of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace elements, and fatty and amino acids. Orthomolecular medicine also has a strong focus on enzymes, which play a significant role in the body’s biochemical reactions such as metabolism.
For humans

Nikolaus Nature food supplements with natural ingredients for both adults and kids
High absorption rates and bioavailability - potent formulations - extremely economical to use

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Nikolaus - Nature dietetic products and feed supplements for both pets and farm animals
GMO-free raw materials - high absorption rates and bioavailability - with natural raw materials - potent formulations - extremely economical to use

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Hair testing

Hair mineral analysis testing enables the detection of 30 elements such as heavy metals, minerals, amino acids and trace elements.

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IMUN Dog Para »
NN Brainrefresher
NN Bonepower
Our seasonal recommendations
NN Bonepower® Kapseln 120 Stk.
Eine ausreichende Vitamin D-Versorgung über die Ernährung ist kaum möglich. Wichtigst...

NN Top@Power® 180 Kps
Vitamine der B-Gruppe ergänzen einander und tragen wesentlich zu unserem Wohlbefinden bei. Sie ...

NN Detox special Kapseln
Chlorella, eine einzellige Mikroalge von tiefgrüner Farbe, enthält 60 Prozent Proteine, s&...

NN Hepaguard Pro®
Schon die Griechen und Römer schätzten die Artischocke – naturwissenschaftlich Cynar...

IMUN Dog® "Para" 115g Powder
Schädliche Parasiten wie Flöhe, Zecke oder Würmer machen dem Hund schwer zu schaffen ...

IMUN Horse® "Para" 750g Pellets
Schädliche Parasiten wie Bremsen, Mücken oder Fliegen machen dem Pferd schwer zu schaffen ...

IMUN Cat® "Para" 35g Powder
Schädliche Parasiten wie Flöhe, Zecke oder Würmer machen der Katze schwer zu schaffen...

OV-DERMA Dog® 150g Powder
Ein glänzendes Fell, eine intakte Haut und feste Hundekrallen sind bei unserem treuen Begleiter...

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