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Boost your beauty

NN Collagen + Hyaluron
Discover the power duo
for radiant skin &
strong connective tissue
COXAN Dog 'before and after' provides bones, cartilage and joints with all the nutrients they need.
agile & active
Balance cholesterol naturally with NN Cholest Balancer®
be in balance
NN Motion® Glucosamine supports natural mobility and strong joint function.
be in motion
Micronutrients according to your wishes and for every situation in life.
for myself
More vitality in all life stages for your four-legged friend.
for my pet


We have been developing innovative micronutrient specialties in premium quality for you and your animal with full dedication for 30 years.

NN Vitamin D3 + K2 MK7

15 ml | 2.500 I.E. | approx. 300 drops
The functions of vitamin D3, also known as the sunshine vitamin, for the immune system, mental health, and bone health are widely known. Less famous is its ideal partner: vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 ensures that calcium in the body goes where it is needed: into the bones and teeth. Together, vitamins D3 and K2 form the perfect nutrient duo for bone health.
€ 22,90

NN Cholest Balancer®

120 pcs. | capsules
A healthy and varied diet and sufficient exercise are the cornerstones of a vital lifestyle. However, sometimes our cholesterol levels get out of balance - in this case, you can also support your metabolism with the NN Cholest Balancer® to bring your cholesterol levels back into balance.
€ 49,90

NN Brainrefresher®

90 pcs. | capsules
You can't get out of bed in the morning, during the day you lack the necessary motivation for everyday tasks and even small annoyances lead to great frustration. When everything becomes too much for our brain, it is usually a cry for nutrients. Listen to it and give it the energy boost it needs with NN Brainrefresher® capsules.
€ 53,90

NN Vitamin D3 2500 I.U.

15 ml | approx. 300 drops
In the summer it is easy to get enough sun outside, but in the winter months it is difficult to absorb enough vitamin D. Especially in Central European latitudes vitamin D deficiency in adults is widespread. NN Vitamin D3 provides the body with a daily dose of sunshine - even when it is gray and dreary outside.
€ 22,80


120 pcs. | capsules
Whether at work or at home: in stressful times, you need to be able to rely on your ability to concentrate and your mental strength. However, this only works if the body is sufficiently supplied with vitamins and nutrients. In times when you are under particularly high pressure to perform, TOP@POWER helps you to maintain inner calm and concentration.
€ 49,90

NN Ester C plus

120 pcs. | capsules
We learn this as children: Vitamin C is good for us and important for staying healthy, especially during the winter. In fact, in addition to its function for the immune system, vitamin C is very important for the body's energy levels and performance all year round. NN Ester C plus combines a variety of different forms of vitamin C for maximum absorption capacity.
€ 39,90

NN HTP 5 (Griffonia)

100 pcs. | capsules
To be happy, the biochemistry in the brain must be right. This is the case when there is enough of the happiness hormone serotonin in the body. Modern lifestyles and diets make it almost impossible to obtain a sufficient supply. NN HTP 5 contains 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) from Griffonia for a positive influence on mood and well-being.
€ 53,00

NN Coenzyme Q10 100mg Plus

90 pcs. | capsules
When we think of coenzyme Q10, we usually first think of skin care and wrinkle prevention. Coenzyme Q10 is used in cosmetics because it is able to ward off free radicals. But coenzyme Q10 also plays an important role in energy production for the body. Supplementation should be considered not only in old age but also as an athlete.
€ 59,90

NN Omega 3

120 pcs. | capsules
The modern carbohydrate-rich human diet has greatly unbalanced the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats. However, omega-3 plays an extremely important role in combating inflammation and for heart health. However, the requirement cannot be sufficiently covered by food intake alone.
€ 39,90

NN Corvital®

120 pcs. | capsules
Engine of life, seat of emotions, symbol of love: the heart is said to be many things and there are countless names for it. In fact, it does extraordinary things for our body day after day. The natural ingredients of NN Corvital® can specifically support the function and performance of the heart for optimal oxygen and energy supply in the body.
€ 58,90

NN Magnesium Complex

180 pcs. | capsules
You only think of magnesium deficiency when you are unpleasantly torn from sleep by cramping calves. However, magnesium does so much more in the human body than supply the muscles. In fact, the body needs a lot of it every day, and the need is even higher for athletes - supplementation is therefore advisable in any case.
€ 33,90

NN Iron vegan

90 pcs. | capsules
Iron is a true all-rounder in the body. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as athletes, have an increased need for iron. Vegetarians and vegans should also pay attention to their iron levels and check them regularly. With Nikolaus Nature's vegan iron capsules, iron deficiency can be effectively countered.
€ 39,00

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A second chance for products with a short shelf life: Get NN Vitamin B12 drops now at a special price of -50%.

strong immune system & more energy

NN Ester C plus - The all-rounder for your immune system and energy. Optimized for better absorption, gentle on the stomach. Get your boost.

The basics of an alkaline diet

Anyone diving into the topic of healthy eating inevitably encounters alkaline nutrition or alkaline fasting. A diet rich in alkaline-forming foods offers numerous benefits for the body and overall health by aiming for a balanced acid-base equilibrium. Discover why this balance is crucial, what to consider in alkaline nutrition, and get five helpful dietary tips in this blog post.

Vitamin B12 and its importance for the body

Vitamin B12 is a crucial member of the B vitamin family and plays numerous roles in the human body. A sustained deficiency can compromise long-term health. This blog post addresses the best ways to absorb vitamin B12, the signs of deficiency, and dispels the misconception that only vegans suffer from B12 deficiency.

Coenzyme Q10 – More than just an anti-aging remedy

Coenzyme Q10 is often associated with cosmetics, known for its ability to combat skin aging, reduce wrinkles, and maintain youthful, radiant skin. However, it offers much more: Coenzyme Q10 plays a crucial role in the body's energy production, supports the immune system, and promotes overall health. In this blog post, we'll explain everything about Coenzyme Q10, including when, why, and for whom supplementation makes sense.

Iron: an all-rounder for immune system and energy supply

We all know Popeye, the sailor who attributed his strength to spinach and the iron it contains. In reality, things aren't quite that simple. It's now known that spinach doesn't actually contain as much iron as once believed. However, there's no disputing that iron is one of the most crucial trace elements for the human body. This blog post explains why our bodies need iron, where to get enough of it, and how to tackle an iron deficiency.

Vitamin D: The sunshine and bone vitamin

Vitamin D is widely known as the sunshine or bone vitamin. Recommendations and pseudo-truths about this nutrient frequently circulate, but what is actually true? It is, in fact, one of the vitamins whose deficiency is widespread globally. This blog post explains what vitamin D is responsible for in the body, who is at risk for deficiency, and how well it can be absorbed through sun exposure, diet, and supplements.

Long Covid

An illness with SARS-CoV-2 (the pandemic coronavirus) is something one would preferably avoid. Both the acute phase, which can sometimes lead to hospitalization and severe outcomes, and its consequences are not trivial matters. Even if the acute phase progresses mildly, it does not mean one is immune to the long-term issues associated with so-called "Long-COVID."

Esterified Vitamin C: Why It’s the Best Choice

Pure Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid, is essential for humans and must be obtained through diet. However, it's not the ideal choice for supplementation for several reasons.

Why is mental health so important?

A healthy mind helps us overcome stressful situations, stay calm in daily life, and is crucial for our physical health as well.

Goodbye stress - Understanding stress and how to reduce it

Enough with stress! Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that facilitate rapid communication between our nerve cells.

Black Seed Oil and Ling Zhi for Lungs and Bronchi

Black seed oil contains several bioactive compounds like alpha-hederin and thymoquinone. Both substances significantly support the liver and immune system.

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cystein) für Lunge und Leber

NAC - die exzellente Unterstützung für die Lunge und die Leber, hat eine sehr wichtige Funktion für den menschlichen Körper.

Bekannte Qualität mit neuem Namen: Aus Orthomedic und Orthovet wurde Nikolaus Nature

Viele von euch haben bereits bemerkt, dass seit März 2020 der Name „Nikolaus Nature“ auftaucht. Was ist „Nikolaus Nature“?

Co2-neutral: Together for climate protection

We are very proud to announce that in our effort to support our promise “100% natural” we are as of now a CO2-neutral company. Climate issues affect us all, therefore it has been paramount to us to offset our carbon footprint.

Boost your lungs with Lingzhi and black cumin

The interaction of the lung with its microbiome and the relation to Lingzhi and black cumin

Resilience in times of Covid-19

In times when we are constantly exposed to higher levels of stress, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important and wise to look after our psychological health and resilience.


In Zeiten in denen unser Immunsystem durch äußere wie auch innere Einflüsse, immer mehr belastet wird, gilt es unseren Körper, und in unserem Bereich, speziell die Zähne, das Zahnfleisch und den Kieferknochen bei der Bewältigung dieser Stressfaktoren, zu entlasten und zu stärken.

Zinc is a trace element that plays a role in various physiological processes.

Zinc is a trace element that plays a role in various physiological processes.

Wofür brauche ich Nahrungsergänzungsmittel?

Nahrungsergänzung kann dabei helfen Mängel auszugleichen und deinen Körper zusätzlich zu stärken.

Schnupfen adé – diese Stoffe sind nützlich

Mit der kalten Jahreszeit kommt auch häufig die erste Erkältung. Der lästige Schnupfen ist in den meisten Fällen harmlos, aber gut fühlen wir uns dabei trotzdem nicht und die alltäglichen Aufgaben zu erledigen fällt hier leicht zur Last.

Aktive Stressbewältigung bei hohen Temperaturen und Hitze!

Hitze verursacht erhöhten Stress. Das ist allgemein bekannt. Sie belastet den Körper, man schwitzt und viele von uns sind dadurch genervt.

Was mache ich bei Allergien in Sommermonaten, wie gehe ich damit um?

Zwar gibt es eine Reihe an schulmedizinischen Mitteln gegen die Symptome von Allergien, aber diese haben meistens eine Reihe an starken Nebenwirkungen.

Stressbewältigung an heißen Tagen

Vorweg – die heißen Tage sind tatsächlich im Sinne von hohen Temperaturen gemeint. Grundsätzlich gibt es in Mitteleuropa im Sommer immer auch Wochen mit sommerlich-heißem Wetter.

Warum benötige ich Mikronährstoffe auch im Sommer?

Die Sommermonate verleiten gerne dazu, zu glauben, dass die Gesundheit mit Leichtigkeit mit allem fertig wird und Supplementation in diesen Monaten eher sinnfrei ist. Doch weit gefehlt!

Corvital positive Effekte

Nach dem ich jetzt Corvital seit einige Zeit in meiner Praxis verordne, berichten mir die Patienten von vielfältigen positiven Effekten.
experts are convinced of our quality
Mag. Dr. Reinhard Pichler MBA, MSc
Nikolaus Nature’s motto, “Let’s make the world a better place,” inspires me. Micronutrients for people and animals, body and psyche that take into account the whole person, their environment and nature. Experience and innovation make the products efficient and beneficial, making the earth a better place.
Mag. Sabine Kern
We are happy to recommend Nikolaus Nature products because, on the one hand, they are characterized by competent recipes and high-quality raw materials, and on the other hand, they also score points with their good price/performance ratio.
Dr. Martin Smetan
As an orthodontist who works according to the concept of biological dentistry, it is very important to me to use high-quality orthomolecular products to support treatment and healing processes.

COXAN Dog® "ak"

166 g | powder
Since the dog's musculoskeletal system is subjected to heavy loads over the course of its life, it can become impaired over the years. COXAN Dog® was developed to support the musculoskeletal system in existing complaints. It can be used to promote the regeneration of muscles, bones and joints, as well as to restore normal m obility.
€ 49,90

COXAN Dog® "before and after"

150 g | powder
Problems in the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis, patellar luxations or herniated discs, are high on the list of canine diseases. However, with the right nutrient mix, it doesn't have to reach the point of mobility restrictions or even pain. COXAN Dog® 'before and after' is the cornerstone for a long, mobile and active dog life.
€ 48,90

IMUN Dog® "Para"

115 g | powder
Summer is not only the time when we spend a lot of time outdoors with our four-legged friends, but also the peak season for all kinds of pests. Bugs make life difficult for them and chemical pesticides are not always the best remedy. IMUN Dog® 'Para' helps dogs to ward off pests with purely natural active ingredients.
€ 37,90


105 g | powder
Poorly tolerated treats, changes in diet, stress, or intolerances can quickly upset a dog's gut and digestion. This manifests as diarrhea, bloating, constipation, or vomiting. With ENTEROGENIC Dog®, the dog's gut and digestive tract can return to optimal balance.
€ 35,90

COXAN Horse®

750 g | pellets
Joint diseases such as osteoarthritis are no longer a rarity in horses and can occur at a young age as a result of overgrowth, overuse or nutrient deficiency. COXAN Horse® combines essential cartilage and joint nutrients and thus supports the regeneration mechanisms to counteract progressive wear and tear.
€ 88,40


750 g | pellets
CORVITAL Horse® specifically supports the heart and blood circulation of horses and thus contributes to more vitality and well-being, especially during physical exertion and in the summer. With magnesium, valuable antioxidants and vitamins, it can compensate for deficiencies and promote a strong heart and blood circulation - for maximum quality of life and minimum impact on performance.
€ 84,30


750 g | pellets
A smooth metabolism is the basis for a healthy orgamism of your horse. If the detoxification mechanisms are disrupted, this can have many consequences. With high-quality feed, fewer harmful substances are consumed, but the liver itself can also be supported in its activities in a natural way: with valuable phytochemicals, nutrients and minerals.
€ 75,90

What our customers say

Find out what our customers say about us and why they choose us. We are proud of the positive feedback and would like to share their experiences.

agile & active

COXAN Dog ,before and after‘ provides bones, cartilage and joints with all the nutrients they need. Suitable for all breeds from puppy to senior age.

Parasites and their consequences for dogs

Parasites in pets, especially dogs, are not just annoying but also pose various dangers to both the dog and humans. They can act as carriers of dangerous diseases or trigger infections within the organism. Infestation often occurs quickly and unnoticed by the dog owner. In this blog post, we explain how to effectively keep these pests away without relying on chemical products and what other measures can be taken in the fight against parasites of all kinds.

Success Stories from the Veterinary Practice

I want to share some stories from the practice – from the veterinary practice. For 23 years now, I have been working as an animal health practitioner in a mobile practice for horses and dogs.

Protection for our pets – inside and out

For us, World Animal Protection Day isn't just October 4th; it's every day of the year. Along with care, cuddles, high-quality food, and ample exercise, there's the option to protect and support pets' bodies from the inside with supplements. But how useful are nutrient supplements for pets? Which ones are suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, or hamsters, and are they really worth it? This blog provides answers to these questions.

Healthy Joints in Dogs

A healthy musculoskeletal system is essential for a dog’s quality of life and for enjoying movement. This complex system, composed of bones, joints, muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, ideally works seamlessly together. Unfortunately, musculoskeletal disorders are common in veterinary practices. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the different causes of joint diseases, how to prevent them, and which nutrients specifically support your dog’s musculoskeletal system.


Am 4. Oktober ist Welttierschutztag - Bei Nikolaus Nature an 365 Tagen im Jahr
„Tiere empfinden wie der Mensch Freude und Schmerz, Glück und Unglück. Sie werden durch dieselben Gemütsbewegungen betroffen wie wir.“ Charles Darwin

Spring: The "Peak Season" for Parasites

Ticks thrive in mild, spring-like temperatures. That's why they are active from spring through fall, posing a constant threat to dogs and their owners. Once a tick latches onto a dog, it stays attached for several days before dropping off.

What works best against fleas on dogs?

Springtime, with its abundance of pests and fleas that often bother dogs, is always a significant issue. Here's how to deal with them.

The hepaguard regimen for dogs

with the premium product NN Hepaguard by Nikolaus Nature.

Corona bei Tieren (Katzen) – ein Gespräch mit einem befreundeten Tierarzt

Nicht unbedingt zufällig – Corona ist als Thema allgegenwärtig - hab ich letzte Woche mit einem befreundeten Tierarzt „P.“ (Kleintierpraxis) aus Italien über Corona gesprochen.

Transparency and sustainability are important to us, which is why no genetically modified organisms are used in the production of our products. All raw materials and our products are guaranteed to be GMO-free.
natural raw materials

We rely on the power of nature and therefore use neither artificial additives nor synthetic ingredients. Our products are therefore the ideal complement to a healthy and varied lifestyle.
premium quality

All ingredients for our products are carefully selected and come from trusted suppliers. They are subject to strict quality controls so that you only get the best for your body.
high bioavailability

The harmonizing raw materials can be optimally absorbed and utilized by the organism. The unique formulation achieves synergies and maximum benefits for health and well-being.
Nikolaus Ludwig

With passion and dedication my team and I develop, produce and distribute exquisite effective micronutrient specialties, with natural pure raw materials, in premium quality for more than 30 years. Experience, competence and trust are three important cornerstones of my philosophy let’s make the world a better place® through NN Passion for Nutrition®!

As a family man, dog and horse owner, I have been intensively involved with complementary therapies since the beginning. My holistic research work always focuses on the needs of people and animals. From my beginning until today there is the irrepressible desire to do something for the benefit of humans and animals, their quality of life and health maintenance!

Your Nikolaus
Nikolaus Ludwig

With passion and dedication my team and I develop, produce and distribute exquisite effective micronutrient specialties, with natural pure raw materials, in premium quality for more than 30 years. Experience, competence and trust are three important cornerstones of my philosophy let’s make the world a better place® through NN Passion for Nutrition®!

As a family man, dog and horse owner, I have been intensively involved with complementary therapies since the beginning. My holistic research work always focuses on the needs of people and animals. From my beginning until today there is the irrepressible desire to do something for the benefit of humans and animals, their quality of life and health maintenance!

Your Nikolaus
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