Nikolaus Nature. Let′s make the world a better place.
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For more than 30 years, the NIKOLAUS NATURE Competence Team has been involved in the development and research of recipes to manufacture products using natural premium-quality resources, and accordingly has acquired expert knowledge combined with decades of experience.

According to Nikolaus Ludwig, the idea behind founding NIKOLAUS NATURE is more important than ever: to allow human beings and animals to live a measurably better and fuller life in every stage of life!

By providing high-quality products both for human and animal use, NIKOLAUS NATURE helps to achieve this goal. In line with the motto “Let’s make the world a better place®”, we can jointly make an active contribution to the common good!

Our micronutrient preparations based on natural resources can be used both preventively and in case of relevant interventions. Low daily costs thanks to high efficiency are just as important for users as high quality standards!

The product lines NIKOLAUS NATURE human (formerly ORTHOMEDIC) and NIKOLAUS NATURE animal (formerly ORTHOVET) developed by N. Ludwig GmbH – in collaboration with experts – include premium-quality products for humans and animals that are now available to the general public!

Trust, experience and expertise are the three key pillars that the success of NIKOLAUS NATURE is based on, for the benefit of our fellow human beings and animals.

Nikolaus Nature Management Team

Nikolaus Ludwig
Founder, Owner & CEO

More than 30 years of experience in product development and commercialisation of natural supplements
DI Josef Schabauer
Managing Director & Co-Owner

Decades of working experience in multinational health care (general management, transforming & growing business)

Business Overview

main product groups
Human (50%) & Animal Health (50%)
R&D experience of the founder

N. Ludwig GmbH
Flugplatzstraße 3
A-8280 Fürstenfeld

+43 (0) 3382 51920
+43 (0) 3382 51805
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