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Immunity Allergies

NN Hair&Nailrefresher®
Glänzende Haare und starke Nägel sind Zeichen von Schönheit und Vitalität. Stumpfe Haare und brüchige Nägel können die Folge von Stress sein und sich auch auf das Selbstbewusstsein niederschlagen. Aber auch hier gibt es Abhilfe in Form von Vitalstoffen aus der Natur wie Zink oder Biotin, die gezielt gesunde Haare und Nägel und somit die natürliche Schönheit unterstützen.
€ 26,90
NN iron vegan
Tiredness, lack of concentration, dizziness or listlessness can be signs of iron deficiency. Often this cannot be adequately compensated for by diet alone. Iron supplementation then usually proves to be the best solution.
€ 39,00
NN Vitamin D3 + K2 MK7
Das Sonnenvitamin D3 und seine Funktionen für Immunsystem, Psyche und Knochen sind weitreichend bekannt. Weniger berühmt ist sein idealer Partner: das Vitamin K2. Es sorgt dafür, dass Calcium im Körper dorthin gelangt, wo es gebraucht wird: nämlich in Knochen und Zähnen. Vitamin D3 und K2 sind damit das perfekte Nährstoffduo, wenn es um die Knochengesundheit geht.
€ 22,90
NN Zink Kapseln
The multi-talented trace element zinc is found as a metallic component in over 200 enzymes
€ 17,90
NN Ester C plus Kapseln
Vitamin C has important functions in the body: it contributes to a healthy immune system, helps build up connective tissue, strengthens and protects blood vessels and supports the liver in detoxification. Estered vitamin C is particularly well tolerated. NN Ester C plus contains vitamin C in a delayed form.
€ 39,90
NN Vitamin D3 2500 I.E. Tropfen
Sun Vitamin D3 fulfills a number of important functions in our body: for example, it contributes to the building up of bone matter and to the immune power. In most cases, however, it is not possible to provide enough food, which is why a supplement to the diet may be useful – especially in the winter months.
€ 22,50
NN N-Acetyl Komplex
N-Acetyl-L-Cystein (NAC) ist ein Antioxidans, das als verflüssigender Stoff zum leichteren Abhusten von Schleim aus den Bronchien seine Nährstoffkarriere startete. Mittlerweile weiß man, dass die direkte Vorstufe von Glutathion im Körper noch viele weitere wichtige Aufgaben übernimmt und einen wesentlichen Beitrag für die Zellen leistet.
€ 39,90
NN Top@Power® 120 Kps
Tired, stressed, unconcentrated? We have nerve food for you with our NN Top@Power® nutrient combination from a B-vitamin complex, important trace elements and other important nutrients for your energy balance. After all, with good nerves, life is easier and more relaxed.
€ 49,90
NN Schwarzkümmelöl Kapseln
For the sake of your irritated skin. A number of studies confirm the various natural benefits of black cumin oil for our skin.
€ 36,30
NN Ling Zhi Kapseln aus Sporenpulver
The emperor of mushrooms is called by its Chinese name, “Lingzhi” mushroom, or by its Japanese name, “Reishi”, in many countries.
€ 37,30
NN Immunprevent ® Kapseln
A friend against infections. The acerola cherry fruit - known by natural scientists as Malpighia glabra.
€ 39,90
NN OPC + Acerola Kapseln
The vitamin booster! Oligomeric proanthocyanidins - also known as OPC - are a subgroup of polyphenols called catechin tannins.
€ 39,90
NN Vitamin B12 pro
Vitamin B12 contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and normal energy-yielding metabolism -VEGAN-
€ 29,50
NN Darm Kapseln
Beautifully digested. Functioning digestion is essential for our immunity and well-being.
€ 49,90
NN Kidspower® Kapseln - vormals Vits for Kids Kapseln
A power kid. Children’s organisms demand dietary regimes that are particularly rich in both variety and nutrients.
€ 29,90
NN Selen Kapseln
Selenium is available in the human organism in various proteins and enzymes.
€ 16,90
NN Spermidin plus
Spermidin ist aktuell der Star in der der Nahrungsergänzung und der Langlebigkeitsforschung. Die Superkraft von Spermidin ist, die Autophagie anzuregen und so den natürlichen Jungbrunneneffekt im Körper zu aktivieren. Die Kapseln von Nikolaus Nature enthalten Spermidin aus natürlichen Quellen und gleichen die meist eher niedrige Aufnahme aus der Nahrung optimal aus.
€ 62,90
NN R-Alpha Liponsäure
Alpha lipoic acid is a sulfur-containing fatty acid that occurs naturally in the human body.
€ 65,40
NN Corvital® Kapseln
A strong cardiovascular system and a balanced blood pressure level are important prerequisites for feeling healthy and vital. It is worth taking care of a healthy heart or strengthening it in case of existing ailments – preferably naturally.
€ 56,20
NN Bonepower® Kapseln 120 Stk.
Your organism needs exercise and it’sgood for your mind too. Rely on your body because with NN Bonepower® your bones will standup! A capsule contains all the nutrients your Musculoskeletalsystem needs to be well supplied. Indispensable for all those who practice sports or also to counteract aging processes and degradation.
€ 39,90
NN Thyreo pusher® 90 Kps
The thyroid gland plays an important role in maintaining balance in the human body. However, it may be affected by over- or under-functioning, with far-reaching consequences. With NN Thyreo pusher® you can of course bring your thyroid back into balance.
€ 43,90
NN Hepaguard Pro®
The liver is one of our mostimportant organs. Through itsmetabolism, it provides the bodywith vital nutrients and is alsoresponsible for the breakdown ofpollutants. Time to do somethinggood for the liver – with purelyplant-based nutrients.
€ 39,40
NN Vitamin K Kapseln
Vitamin K is fat-soluble and plays an important role in the formation of blood coagulation factors.
€ 28,60
NN Astaxanthin Kapseln
Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants we know.
€ 47,40
NN ProVitamin A Kapseln
For a radiant complexion. Many plants contain the plant pigment beta-carotene as protection against photo-oxidation processes.
€ 22,90
NN Omega 3 Kapseln
Keeping vessels smooth! The body needs lipids (blood fats) to supply energy.
€ 38,90
NN Nopal-Zimt Kapseln
For centuries, the Nopal cactus or prickly pear cactus has been held in high esteem as a medicinal plant in Mexico.
€ 36,30
NN Niacin plus Kapseln
Niacin is also known as nicotinic acid, vitamin B3, or Pellagra Preventing (PP) vitamin. Since vitamins cannot be produced by the human body itself
€ 19,90
NN NeuroVital Kapseln
The water-soluble vitamins of the B group are needed in the human organism for a multitude of biochemical reactions.
€ 23,50
NN Mineralstoff Kapseln
The circulation of minerals! Minerals are inorganic nutrients.
€ 35,30
NN Magnesium Komplex Kapseln
Muscle cramps are a thing of the past! Magnesium both restores power and is the strongest relaxation mineral available.
€ 33,90
NN Enzym Komplex Kapseln
Breaking up my food into tiny particles. Enzymes are involved in every metabolic reaction in the human organism.
€ 46,90
NN Calciumascorbat Pulver
Calciumascorbat ist eine gepufferte Salzform von Ascorbinsäure, also von Vitamin C. Die Ascorbinsäure ist an das Calcium gebunden und puffert die Säure, daher wird es von Menschen mit empfindlichem Magen-Darm-Trakt besser vertragen.
€ 39,60
NN Antioxidans Kapseln
Every day, our cells are exposed to millions of attacks by free radicals.
€ 34,20
NN Vitamin D3 600 I.E. Tropfen
Vitamin D, also known as the “sun hormone”, is a hormone-like vitamin that is found in many major connecting points in the human organism
€ 15,90
NN Eisen II Kapseln
Iron for the human body. Iron is the most common essential trace element in the human organism.
€ 49,90
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