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Psyche Stress

NN Brainrefresher® Kapseln 90 Stk.

Cheerful and fresh through the day! Thanks to NADH and other selected high-quality raw materials NN Brainrefresher® can also be used actively in Long-C! Put an end to energylessness and demotivation. The natural ingredients of NN BrainRefresher, such as the coenzymes NADH and Q10 get your brain back ontrack.
€ 53,90

NN Neurotrans® Kapseln

The hustle and bustle of everyday life and stress at work, school and private life can strain our psyche as well as our body. Supplying the brain with important nutrients can help. NN Neurotrans® contains ingredients that can strengthen the nervous system. For more serenity and psychological resilience in everyday life.
€ 39,30

NN ADS Kapseln

Increased resilience through good spirits. Adrenaline and noradrenaline affect our vascular and metabolic systems.
€ 36,80

NN Brain Kapseln

Am I upset today? Rhodiola rosea, also called golden root or rose root, grows in the cold mountain regions of Europe, Asia and North America.
€ 35,20

NN Feelwell Kapseln

We all hope to be able to retain strong memory and recall performance, as well as the ability to concentrate, right through into old age.
€ 49,50

NN Mindrecover® - "Das Original"

Now, I remember...! D-galactose enters the cells without the help of insulin, where it can then be converted into glucose. It provides energy to brain cells and can positively influence cellular glucose levels.
€ 69,70

NN HTP 5 ( Griffonia ) Kapseln

In a good mood throughout the day. Griffonia is a climbing plant found in the rain forests of Central and West Africa.
€ 53,00

NN NADH+ Kapseln

Food for brain cells. NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride) or Coenzyme 1 is involved in some 1,000 metabolic processes in the body every day
€ 69,90

NN Johanniskraut Kapseln

Depressive moods - a thing of the past.
€ 27,30

NN Antioxidans Kapseln

Every day, our cells are exposed to millions of attacks by free radicals.
€ 34,20

NN blueErotiKaps® 90 Stk.

Satisfied cuddling for both men and women. Our desire for sex - a.k.a. the libido - may disappear as the years pass.
€ 55,90

NN Magnesium Komplex Kapseln

Muscle cramps are a thing of the past! Magnesium both restores power and is the strongest relaxation mineral available.
€ 33,90

NN Schlafspray special

Good night, sleep tight, and have a rest. Produced in the thyroid, the hormone melatonin is an important aid to restful sleep.
€ 29,90

NN Weihrauch Kapseln

Frankincense (also known as olibanum) is obtained from the resin of trees of the genus Boswellia serrata native to North Africa and the Middle East.
€ 36,40

NN Omega 3 Kapseln

Keeping vessels smooth! The body needs lipids (blood fats) to supply energy.
€ 39,90

NN Niacin plus Kapseln

Niacin is also known as nicotinic acid, vitamin B3, or Pellagra Preventing (PP) vitamin. Since vitamins cannot be produced by the human body itself
€ 19,90

NN NeuroVital Kapseln

The water-soluble vitamins of the B group are needed in the human organism for a multitude of biochemical reactions.
€ 23,90

NN Top@Power® 120 Kps

Tired, stressed, unconcentrated? We have nerve food for you with our NN Top@Power® nutrient combination from a B-vitamin complex, important trace elements and other important nutrients for your energy balance. After all, with good nerves, life is easier and more relaxed.
€ 49,90

NN MSM Kapseln

Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), a substance belonging to the group of sulphones (inorganic sulphur compounds), also supplies the joints with micronutrients.
€ 33,20

NN Magnesiumcitrat Kapseln

Sports without cramps. The significance of magnesium is above all based on the fact that this is the mineral that our body is lacking the most.
€ 29,00

NN Ginkgo biloba Kapseln

Blood flow in the brain. Ginkgo biloba, also known as the maidenhair tree, is mainly native to East Asian countries.
€ 24,90

NN Coenzym Q10 100mg Plus Kapseln

The life-long power plant! Large quantities of the Q10 molecule are available in virtually every cell of the body
€ 59,90

NN Aminomap Kapseln

Essential amino acids are indispensable building blocks of proteins.
€ 59,90

NN Aminosäuren Komplex Kapseln

Twenty proteinogenic amino acids are embedded in our genetic code; they are also called the essential building blocks of life.
€ 29,90
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