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Wir entwickeln seit 30 Jahren mit voller Hingabe innovative
Mikronährstoff-Spezialitäten in Premiumqualität für dich und dein Tier.
Wir entwickeln seit 30 Jahren mit voller Hingabe innovative Mikronährstoff-Spezialitäten in Premiumqualität für dich und dein Tier.
Tired, stressed, unconcentrated? We have nerve food for you with our NN Top@Power® nutrient combination from a B-vitamin complex, important trace elements and other important nutrients for your energy balance. After all, with good nerves, life is easier and more relaxed.
Cheerful and fresh through the day! Thanks to NADH and other selected high-quality raw materials NN Brainrefresher® can also be used actively in Long-C! Put an end to energylessness and demotivation. The natural ingredients of NN BrainRefresher, such as the coenzymes NADH and Q10 get your brain back ontrack.
The hustle and bustle of everyday life and stress at work, school and private life can strain our psyche as well as our body. Supplying the brain with important nutrients can help. NN Neurotrans® contains ingredients that can strengthen the nervous system. For more serenity and psychological resilience in everyday life.
Your organism needs exercise and it’sgood for your mind too. Rely on your body because with NN Bonepower® your bones will standup! A capsule contains all the nutrients your Musculoskeletalsystem needs to be well supplied. Indispensable for all those who practice sports or also to counteract aging processes and degradation.
Joints and cartilage perform heavy work as shock absorbers for our exercise work and ensure our ability to move. In order for cartilage to fulfil its function and remain elastic, it must be supplied with sufficient nutrients. Especially in old age, however, they may gradually lose this property, which is why supplementing the diet with nutrients may be useful.
A friend against infections. The acerola cherry fruit - known by natural scientists as Malpighia glabra.
Good night, sleep tight, and have a rest. Produced in the thyroid, the hormone melatonin is an important aid to restful sleep.
Husten und dicker Schleim waren einmal...
Vitamin C has important functions in the body: it contributes to a healthy immune system, helps build up connective tissue, strengthens and protects blood vessels and supports the liver in detoxification. Estered vitamin C is particularly well tolerated. NN Ester C plus contains vitamin C in a delayed form.
We all hope to be able to retain strong memory and recall performance, as well as the ability to concentrate, right through into old age.
Sun Vitamin D3 fulfills a number of important functions in our body: for example, it contributes to the building up of bone matter and to the immune power. In most cases, however, it is not possible to provide enough food, which is why a supplement to the diet may be useful – especially in the winter months.
Vitamin B12 contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and normal energy-yielding metabolism -VEGAN-
My digestive juices. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a plant species of the ginger family and is considered a powerful booster of the immune system.
COXAN Dog® unterstützt mit einer Kombination aus effektiven Nährstoffen den Bewegungsapparat deines Hundes. Dieser ist im Lauf des Lebens großen Belastungen ausgesetzt, weshalb eine Ergänzung der Nahrung zur Stärkung von Gelenken und Knochen sinnvoll ist. COXAN Dog® kann auch Alterungsprozessen entgegenwirken.
Strong defences against viruses, bacteria and parasites for the dog: IMUN Dog® “Para” contributes with natural nutrients to an effective strengthening of the immune system and can also be used against pests. So that your four-legged friend feels completely comfortable at any time of the year.
Strong teeth and intact gums are as important for the well-being of the cat as they are for humans. With the combination of numerous micronutrients of DENTES Cat®, teeth and gums of the animal can be effectively strengthened preventively or in case of already existing complaints.
The horse's respiratory tract may become susceptible to discomfort in cold winter air as well as at older ages. A weakened immune system can also contribute. IMUN Horse® 'Resp' can contribute to resilient respiratory systems as well as a strong immune system.
The ability to move freely is an important prerequisite for a horse's well-being. However, the horse's mobility can become severely limited over the years or due to injury, causing him discomfort. Prevention or therapy support through dietary supplementation with natural nutrients can be helpful here.
Cat kidneys are particularly frequently affected by damage and functional decline in advanced age. Take precautions in time by naturally supplementing your diet with valuable nutrients.
Healthy digestion in dogs is as essential to their overall well-being as it is for humans. It not only ensures optimal utilization of food, but also contributes to a strong immune system. In the case of digestive or intestinal discomfort, there may be discomfort and psychological stress. ENTEROGENIC Dog® can be added to the diet and promote gastrointestinal balance effectively.
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